Month: March 2016

Polyethylene Bags In Street Art from graffiti artist, Nazrin Musayeva

March 21, 2016

Graffiti artist Nazrin Musayevas’ art is not only  beautiful, but serves as a powerful reminder of how destructive our use of plastic bags is becoming to our planet. The worlds’ bird and sea-life are all suffering, not to mention the impact on the environment. To put it in perspective, it’s estimated world wide that 1…

Paintings by Italian artist, Pino Daeni

March 10, 2016

I’m sure I’m not the only one that appreciates great art. Pino Daeni relives the romance and warmth of a bygone era, with this intimate capture of some of his works. Giuseppe “Pino” Dangelico (1939-2010) was born in Bari, Italy. Trained at The Art Institute of Bari and later at Milan’s Academy of Brea, he…